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Bags and Packs

Rentals starting at ₹100Bags and Packs on rent are used during any kind of travel and are usually taken on rent for a camping or trekking trip. It helps to carry a few important things required for a weekend hiking trip since a normal bag or suitcase is not convenient for such trips. The rental charges of backpacks start from as low as Rs. 50 per day.

Camping Chairs

Rentals starting at ₹250Camping chairs on rent are used outdoors and can be taken on rent for a camping trip.

Camping Tents

Rentals starting at ₹20Camping tents on rent are used for camping at any outdoor site to provide shelter from sun and rain. These tents can be very useful and a lot of fun when a family or group of friends want to spend some time in nature amidst the trees or along a lake or river. The rental charges of these tents start from Rs. 100 per day and can go upto Rs. 500 per day depending upon the size and brand of tent. Lot of people prefer taking camping tents on rent because such camping trips are done only couple of times in an year and hence you can save money and also space in your house by renting them instead of buying.

Devices and Gadgets

Rentals starting at ₹30Adventure Devices and Gadges on rent guide the traveller during any kind of trekking or hiking. Various kinds of gadgets that are provided on rent are GPS device, torch. Both rental companies and individuals can provide these on rent.

Sleeping Bags and Mats

Rentals starting at ₹25Sleeping bags and mats are taken on rent for sleeping during any outdoor trip to protect people from all kinds of weather conditions and insects. These sleeping bags can be rolled up and carried easily to the camping destination as they are quite lightweight. Sleeping bags are available in various brands and their rental charges start at Rs. 50 per day. There are specific kind of sleeping bags by brands like Quechua that can protect you from very low temperatures.

Trekking or Hiking Equipments

Rentals starting at ₹50

Outdoor and adventure trips and activities make you feel alive and close to nature. Any outdoor trip can be made a lot of fun and exciting with various kinds of adventure gear. Adventure Gear is any kind of equipment which is used outdoor for camping or trekking activities. Adventure gear or equipments are taken on rent by people for various kind of outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping. Apart from fun, these various types of camping gear can be very useful too and provide protection and support during outdoor stay. These adventure equipments are provided on rent by various companies and individuals usually on a per-day rental basis. Various adventure equipments that have been listed on Rentongo are camping tents on rent, sleeping bags on rent, backpacks on rent and other trekking gear. The rental companies also inform people who take the gear on rent about its safe usage.
Adventure gear on rent is available on Rentongo for various cities - Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Usually the charges of various trekking equipment starts at as low as Rs. 50 per day for a backpack and go up to Rs. 500 per day for any high-end camping tent. Rental companies dealing in adventure gear usually do not provide delivery of equipments and prefer renters picking up the gear from owner. Apart from rental charges, the renters are also required to pay a refundable security deposit.
Taking adventure gear on rent helps people save money as usually it is required only for 1-2 days trip and people go for such camping trips only once or twice in an year. It also helps you save space in the house as storing camping equipments can occupy a good amount of space especially camping tents. The other advantage of renting camping gear is that the overhead of its maintenance becomes the responsibility of owner. So it is encouraged to rent any adventure gear rather than buying it.