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Rentals starting at ₹1000Freezers are taken on rent when establishments need to store any frozen food temporarily.

Kitchen Appliances

Rentals starting at ₹500Kitchen appliances are taken on rent to serve the temporary needs of a kitchen in the house.


Rentals starting at ₹500Refrigerators are taken on rent to serve a temporary purpose of storing raw and cooked food items.


Rentals starting at ₹500Television is taken on rent by people who have moved to a place for a short duration.


Rentals starting at ₹6000

Washing Machines and Dryers

Rentals starting at ₹500Washing Machines and dryers can be taken on rent for cleaning of clothes when staying at a place for short duration. There are various kinds of waching machines which are available on rent like semi-automatic washing machine, fully-automatic washing machine both in front and top load. These washing machine are available in various brands like LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool and more. Number of rental companies provide these washing machines on rent.

Appliances are all kinds of electronic items that can be taken on rent for residence, office or any kind of event. These appliances include refrigerators on rent, air conditioners on rent, kitchen appliances on rent, washing machine on rent, television on rent, air coolers on rent. These appliances can be taken on rent in various cities like Bangalore. The home appliances on rent are typically taken on a monthly basis by people either living in a city temporarily or when they have any guests. The rental of appliances is on a per day basis for any kind of event. Companies providing appliances on rent usually charge extra for delivery and include service of appliance in the rental charges if the fault is not due to misuse.