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By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 22-Sep-18



By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 22-Sep-18



By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 22-Sep-18


How can you turn Buyer's Remorse into a Boon?

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 19-May-14

I am sure this question would have got a lot of you to start reading this blog. The answer to this question is as interesting as the question itself. Lot of buyers (let us call this group "enthu buyers") buy things like musical instruments, gaming consoles, cameras out of initial enthu

Consume that the future?

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 12-Mar-14

All of us buy and experience several types of products day-in and day-out. But have we thought that what is more important, to buy the product or the experience it provides? For example, is it important that we own a washing macine or that we get to wash our clothes easily? Is it necces

Why should corporates rent computers instead of buying them?

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 13-Nov-13

This articles presses on the fact that non-IT companies should take computers on rent instead of buying them. There are many reasons for this and I am highlighting the important ones here:

1. Technology obsolesence

To rent or hire or lease

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 07-Aug-13

Do you rent or hire a TV? What about car - rent a car or hire a car? I think this is a question which can have multiple answers and in this blog I will give my take on the difference/similarities. I will encourage my readers to post their comments supporting or disputing the usage. 

Ask yourself: Do I really need to buy this?

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 21-Jul-13

Consumers are often in a hurry to buy things without giving it a thought that would I really use this thing often enough and for long. Later they encounter questions and thoughts like - What do I do with this thing as it has just become another unused object in my storage? Do I have

Start Renting

By Nikhil Chaabra, CEO on 25-Jun-13

Welcome to our first post. Are you interested in saving money? Are you looking to optimize the utilization of space in your home? Are you a firm believer of the concept of reusability? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then reading this post further would not be a waste