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By CEO on 25-Jun-13

Welcome to our first post. Are you interested in saving money? Are you looking to optimize the utilization of space in your home? Are you a firm believer of the concept of reusability? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then reading this post further would not be a waste of time.

The concept of renting is mostly associated with real estate. But in this post I am going to talk about renting of everything except house. Very often we buy things because we think we can afford them and there is no other option (at least according to us). Most of us are not aware that today there is a very viable option for everything – RENTING. You can practically get everything on rent – furniture, bikes, cars, home appliances, musical instruments, adventure gear, medical supplies, baby cribs, toys and the list just goes on and on.

So the decision one needs to now make is Rent vs Buy. Few important tips on how to make this decision are:

  • How long do you need it for? If you are going to need the particular product for at least 1 year and are going to use it throughout the year, I would say that more often it is economical to buy that product. e.g. If you move to a new city to carry out a project for your company and rent out an unfurnished apartment. Now if you know that in all probability the project would last for around 6 months, it is ideal in such a case for you to take everything on rent – furniture, appliances, vehicle etc.
  • How often do you need it? If the product you need is something you will only need occasionally e.g. a camping tent, then it does not make sense to buy one but to rent one whenever you are planning for the adventure trip.
  • Would you want to try it before you buy it? If you want to buy some expensive product that you have never used earlier e.g. an electric guitar, then it is really useful if you take the guitar on rent and try it out for a few days before deciding to buy it.

I am sure all of us have loads of things lying in our storage that have been used once, twice or thrice. And we either would need these things in future or are too lazy to now sell them off. Had we taken these things on rent we would have achieved two things – used lesser money and more storage space in the house.

Never mind if you bought it instead of taking it rent. You can now put it up for rent on Rentongo - yes any individual in any city in India can put anything on rent for FREE and start earning money.

So let us all start renting!

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