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What is Rentongo?

Rentongo is an online platform for connecting renters (individual/business who takes any product on rent) with owners (individual/business who owns the product) in different cities of India.

How does Rentongo work?

If you need any product on rent, you can either browse our categories or search for a product. After selecting the product(s), you can send an enquiry and instantly receive relevant vendor/individual's contact details by sms and email.
Whereas if you wish to post any item for renting out, you simply need to register and use our "List your item for rent" feature.

Who is a renter and who is owner?

Renter is any consumer, whether individual or a company, who wants a product on rent. Whereas owner is an individual or a company who owns product(s) and is willing to give it on rent.

Who benefits from Rentongo?

Both renters and owners benefit from Rentongo. Renters can save money and environment by taking things on rent instead of buying them. Owners can earn money and save space by renting out unused things lying at home or office. Rentongo benefits by helping both renters and owners and also earning revenues in the process.

How are the users (owners and renters) of Rentongo evaluated?

Both renters and owners have the option of rating and providing reviews of other users and their products.

Renters (Individuals or Companies looking to take anything on rent)

How do I find products on rent in my city?

You can either browse through our categories of products or search for the appropriate product using our standard and advanced search features. You can also filter products by locality and owner type (individual or business).

How do I take a product on rent once I have found it?

Once you have found one or more products to be taken on rent, you can send an enquiry for the selected product(s) to instantly receive an sms and email with owner details. Then you can contact the owner and take product on rent by agreeing on chages and terms and conditions.

Do I have to pay anything to Rentongo for taking things on rent?

No, simply select product(s) and send enquiry to owner (vendor/individual). The actual rental charges and any other payment will have to be directly made to the owner.

Would Rentongo help me with actual rental transaction?

No, Rentongo does not participate in the actual rental transaction. We only help in connecting prospective renters with owners.

Do I need to register for using Rentongo?

You can find products of your choice without registering. For sending enquiries to take things on rent, you would be automatically registered when you fill the enquiry form first time or you could sign in using facebook. For uploading products you will need to register or sign in using facebook.

Will I get the exact same product that I see on Rentongo?

The photos of rental products on Rentongo are only indicative of the kind of product available. Only once a renter confirms a rental transaction directly with the vendor, it will be know about availability of a product for required dates.

Will the rental charges and security deposit be same as that mentioned on Rentongo?

Both the amounts may vary depending upon the required quantity, condition of the actual product available, duration of rental and other such factors. These would be finalized between the renter and owner at the time of actual transaction.

Owners (Individuals or Companies owning things they want to give on rent)

How do I list my products on Rentongo?

Individuals can list their products by simply registering or signing in using facebook and uploading their products using our "List your items for rent" feature. Businesses into rental can .

Is this a paid or free listing for rental products?

For companies who are professionally into the rental business, there are some minimal charges as part of various membership options. Whereas for individuals it is a FREE listing. Please note that any vendor/business who tries to list as an individual would be blacklisted from Rentongo.

What are the different membership options for rental companies?

Please reach us using our Rental Business Registration Form to know more about membership plans.

How much time does it take for my products to appear on Rentongo?

If you are individual, within 24 hrs of your uploading of products, it would appear on Rentongo. If you are a business, it would appear within 24-48 hrs of finalizing our agreement depending upon the number of products.

What do I mention as rental charges since it may vary based on multiple factors?

You can mention approximate rental charges to give an indication to the renter. The exact amount can vary based on required quantity, condition of the actual product available, duration of rental and other such factors.

When would Rentongo be available in my city?

As soon as you or any individual/business from your city wishes to list with us.