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Rent your item

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How it works?

Are you looking to hire a product? Look for rental products of your choice.
2. Send Enquiry for products to Individuals/Businesses
3. Obtain product details (rental and transportation charges, availability etc.)
4. Make required payments directly to owner of product (individual/business) and take the product
5. After rental period ends return the product directly to owner (individual/business) and take back security deposit (if any)
Are you an individual who has some product that is lying unused? List it on for renting it out.
3. Admin approves your listing and your item(s) are listed for FREE
4. Receive enquiries from renters
5. Rent out your product to renter of your choice
Are you into business of renting out products? Partner with and grow your business.
2. will get in touch with you to explain our offerings including listing of your products
3. Your rental products are listed
4. Receive enquiries from renters
5. Rent out your products to renters and grow your business